President's Stipends

The program of the President’s stipends for honors doctoral students in the Faculty of Humanities at Hebrew University of Jerusalem is intended to allow stipend receivers to spend most of their time and effort studying and researching. The program is an integral part of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities.

During the winter semester of each academic year, a notice will be released with information for future applicants.

Application is open for any students who will be enrolled as doctoral students in the following year. Applicants may be graduate students completing their thesis that year, students holding a graduate degree in the academic track, or students who are in the early stages of their doctoral studies (even after approval of their proposal), but no later than two years from enrolment.

Execution of the stipend entails registration for a doctoral degree no later than July of that year.

Students of a graduate degree in the academic track applying for the stipend will enrol as conditional students for the following academic year, complete all academic requirements by September 30th and present an approval for their degree no later than December 31st.

Students may apply for a President’s stipend twice only.

Students will be entitled for a stipend for a duration of no more than four years (three if applying during Stage II of their doctoral degree). The stipend’s worth will be within the range of NIS 55,000 and NIS 60,000 a year. In addition, students will be exempt from tuition.

Students wishing to spend time abroad for purpose of their studies for the duration of a semester or a year may apply for a travel grant in addition to the President’s stipend. They may also request financing for various academic initiatives.

Students receiving the stipend commit to the following requirements:

  1. Students receiving the stipend will not work at any paid work for a duration exceeding 11 weekly hours, (under rare circumstances, the Vice Rector may approve employment of up to 22 weekly hours.
  2. Students receiving the stipend must be present for at least two days a week in the workspace dedicated to them.
  3. The students’ chief academic activity will be within the university.
  4. Students will participate in the various academic and social activities of the program.
  5. Continuation of the stipend from year to year is not automatic. The Stipend Committee will examine students’ eligibility every year, and is entitled to cancel the stipend for the following year if it reckons that the student does not meet the stipend’s requirements. A condition for receiving the stipend during the second year is passing from Stage I to Stage II of the doctorate (i.e., approval of the proposal).
  6. Should the need to travel for extended periods of time (a semester or longer), students must provide a detailed request to the Stipend Committee. The Committee will consider the request and pass its recommendation to the Vice Rector’s final decision. The stipend of a student travelling without approval will be revoked.