Rotenstreich Scholarship


The PBC (The Planning and Budgeting Committee) offers scholarships in memory of Professor Natan Rotenstreich z"l to outstanding doctoral candidates in the humanities.

The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to doctoral candidates throughout Israel, and are contingent upon the University's approval of the budget.

Each scholarship amounts to 80,000 NIS per year, awarded to doctoral candidates for the duration of three years (with the option to extend for a fourth year in special cases) or until receiving the doctoral thesis is approved, whichever is earlier. The PBC and the Hebrew University jointly finance the scholarships.

Applications are reviewed by the Faculty of Humanities committee, led by the dean. To be considered, applicants must have had their doctoral plan approved of no earlier than a year prior to the application date and no later than two years before the application date. In special cases where the duration of time passed exceeds by two months, applications will be considered on an individual basis.

The doctoral candidates chosen to receive the Rotenstreich scholarship will join the PhD Honors Program of the Jack, Joseph, and Morton School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities. The Mandel School encompasses the MA Honors Program, The Mandel Scholion Center, and the Buber Fellows. All these units reside in the Mandel Building, whose goal is to serve as an intellectual, interdisciplinary meeting point for scholars.