Mandel Stipend for Graduate Students

The faculty of humanities and the Jack, Joseph and Moton Mandel school Advanced Studies in the Humanities, offer two-year stipends for honors students who wish to study for a graduate degree in the humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Students who are granted will receive a monthly stipend and full tuition. The stipend is intended to allow students to dedicate their time for studies, completing their degree within two years.

A prerequisite for application is an undergraduate degree with a final grade of 94 or students completing their degree in the current year. Applicants who do not meet the requirements may apply, and state under the “Comments” section in the application form their reasons for the special requirement.

In order to execute the stipend, approved applicants must complete all requirements for their undergraduate degree by September 30th of that year, receive a grade of no less than 94 by the third week of the new academic year. The stipend for the second year will be given under the condition that they have an average grade of no less than 94 and are expected to complete their graduate degree in their second year.

Every year, a notice will be sent out at the beginning of the spring semester announcing the final date for application


Application for the year 2018-19 can be submmitted no later then April 16, 2018, by the following link:

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