Tom Eshed


Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry


Subject:  Holocaust Diplomacy: Commemorating the Shoah in Israeli Foreign Relations, 1948-200

Supervisor: Prof. Amos Goldberg

Abstract: My dissertation will explore the intersection between Israeli diplomacy and Holocaust memory from 1948 to 2005. I am particularly interested in the influence of cultural diplomacy on transnational memory and the impact foreign relations have on national narratives.

Bio: I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I completed an MA in Jewish History in 2020 and a BA in History in 2017 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 


"The Righteous Among the Nations and Israeli Foreign Relations," Politika, Winter 2019 (Hebrew).
"The Hebrew University Press First Years, 1929–39", Hayo Haya: A Young Forum for History 15, Spring 2020 (Hebrew).
"Historical Documents of the Hebrew University Press, 1929-1949", Magnes Press: After 90 Years, 2019 (Hebrew).

Rotenstreich Scholarship 2021/22

Mosse Scholarship 2020/2021 

MA Honors Program 2017/2018