Omri Shareth

omri shareth


Department of Bible

Subject: “Is the Lord Among Us or Not?”: The Question of Divine Presence as a Motivation for the Prophecies of Zechariah 

Supervisor: Dr. Naphtali Meshel

Abstract: The study will examine Zechariah 1–8 and further prophetic corpora from the beginning of the Persian Period, suggesting that major parts in these prophecies are a reaction to a theological polemic among the returnees concerning God's will to dwell in the Jerusalem Temple. Different research methodologies will be integrated, including Hebrew linguistics, textual criticism, historical reading, and comparative religion. The study will contribute to a better understanding of the world of perceptions and conceptions in the early post-exilic period, and assist in a correct valuing of its place in the sequence of intellectual shifts that led from the Biblical world of thought to Second Temple Judaism.

Bio: Graduate of the Departments of Hebrew Lanuage and Jewish History at the Hebrew University. My master's thesis, advised by Prof. Nili Wazana, dealt with the presence of angels in the Temple built by the Returnees to Zion according to Zechariah 3-4. In my PhD. dissertation, advised by Dr. Naphtali Meshel, I intend to broaden this subject, and to deal with the question of the divine presence in the Temple according to prophetic literature from the beginning of the Persian period. This work aims to be part of a larger project, in which I seek to examine the conceptual and perceptual shifts that Jewish thought underwent between the Biblical and the Second Temple periods. Other fields of interest, academic and non-academic, include Classical Hebrew, the Masora, and existential and Eastern thought. I teach, guide and write on all of these subjects in various frameworks. Besides my intellectual interests, I also deal with poetry and essay writing, and I have published one poetry book ("אל תעשה מזה ענין", the Bialik Insitute 2019, edited by Liat Kaplan).


President Scholarship 2020/2021

MA Honors Program 2016/2017