Omer Waldman


Department of Hebrew Language

Subject: The Language of Avot Yeshurun - a Linguistic-Intertextual View

Abstract:   My main field of interest is Modern Hebrew Poetry, which I study from a linguistic point of view and by using literary theory. My MA thesis examined the linguistic characteristics and stylistic choices of Avot Yeshurun’s early poetry. I have demonstrated how Yeshurun used registers of pre-existent Hebrew texts, how contemporary poets influenced him, and how he began to form his unique style. For the research of the latter, I have compared manuscripts of his poems. In my PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal and Dr. Roy Greenwald (BGU), I will concentrate on writing a full linguistic description of Yeshurun's poetry. In addition I will study how Yeshurun implemented a linguistic ideology of using spoken language and dialects in his writing, that have no official written representation in Hebrew.

Another poet that I find interest in her writing is Hedva Harechavi. I have initiated the first academic conference dedicated to her work that took place in April 2021 at the Hebrew University. Writing about these two poets, I integrate topics that are part of the broader research of Hebrew Literature and its language – such as the influences of ancient Hebrew periods on the language of Modern Hebrew Poetry, or literary editing as a process towards an integration of one's poetic style.

Supervisor: Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal, Roy Greenwald


"'תַּמֻּ כֵּלִים וְנִקֻּד': על הניקוד בשירת אבות ישורון", קובץ מאמרים על אבות ישורון, יראה אור בהוצאת מאגנס (התקבל לפרסום)


President Scholarship 2020/21


MA Honors 2018/19