Dina Sender


Department of Hebrew Language

Subject: Haredi Hebrew - linguistic characterization

Supervisors: Prof. Yochanan Breuer (Hebrew University) and Dr. Dalit Asulin (University of Haifa)

Abstract: In my doctoral thesis I would like to expand the linguistic description of Haredi Hebrew, and to present a variety of linguistic phenomena in various fields of linguistics. One chapter of my work would be dedicated to phenomena which deal with lexicon and semantics, another chapter would discuss grammatical phenomena, and in the third chapter I would like to focus on linguistic phenomena related to pragmatics.

Bio: I have B.A. and M.A. degrees from the Hebrew Linguistics department of the Hebrew University.
My thesis focused on a linguistic phenomenon thatcharacterizes a part of the Israeli Haredi society, and described its various aspects. This work was written under the supervision of Prof. Yochanan Breuer (the Hebrew University) and Dr. Dalit Asulin (University of Haifa).

President Scholarship 2020/2021

MA Honors Program 2016/2017