Danielle Chen


Department of Asian Studies

Subject: The Indo-Javanese literature and its unique place in the Sanskrit Cosmopolis

Supervisor: Prof. Yigal Bronner and Prof. Ronit Ricci

Abstract: My research will focus on Old Javanese literature, mainly on the Arjuna-Wiwāha by Mpu Kaṇwa, and will examine its literary dialogue with the world of Sanskrit literature and poetics. The research will shed light on the creative and innovative ways in which Indo-Javanese poets understood, interpreted and reframed the Sanskrit literary narratives, structures and figures of speech. 

Bio: I completed my BA and MA studies in the department of Asian Studies, The Hebrew University. I am a student of Indian languages, mainly Sanskrit and Hindi, and I am focusing on Sanskrit literature and poetics. My MA thesis dealt with the aesthetic theory of Abhinavagupta, the 11th century Kashmiri philosopher, theologist and poetician, and examined his understanding of camatkāra, the ecstatic aesthetic rapture.   


President Stipend 2019/20