Shachar Livne

Shachar Livne

Department of General and Comparative Litrature

Subject: Dream-Vision Poetry in 14th century Italy and England

Supervisor: Dr. Gur Zak

Abstract: In my dissertation, I offer a new appraisal of 14th century poems constructed as dreams that together constitute a new phase within an established tradition -- Dream Vision Poetry. 

Beginning with an analysis of Dante's dreams in the Divina Commedia, I go on to inspect Boccaccio's Amorosa Visione and Petrarch's Triumphi, replete as they are with intertextual echoes of many Dantenian images and characters. I argue that the Dream framework, by virtue of the great poetic license it affords to writers, is particularly pertinent for poets in dialogue with Dante’s masterpiece as they seek to rewrite his poem and present their own version of the afterlife.

In the third and final part of my work I investigate Chaucer's dream vision poem, the House of Fame (widely viewed as his most Dantenian work) with two interrelated objectives in mind. First, in discussing Chaucer’s work I wish to introduce a third, non-Italian, example of the Dantenian dream-vision tradition. Second, being that Chaucer’s poem shares literary links with Boccaccio's and Petrarch's works as well, my analysis of the English poem treats it as a test-case for the reception of the Italian dream tradition as a whole.


Azrieli Stipend 2017/18

President Stipend 2015/16