Ray Schrire

Ray  Schrire

Department of History

Subject: A cognitive history of education in Renaissance England

Supervisor: Prof. Dror Wahrman

Abstract: In my PhD. research I analyze the cognitive aspects of early modern education in England. I examine various learning environments and retrace the different ways in which teachers, pedagogy and study tools were organized in order to form students' minds in places like Grammar schools and colleges. In order to track the development of cognitive skills in English society, I explore the 'traces of thought' students left in their notebooks and on the margins of their textbooks. I am still of the naive opinion that if I succeed in interpreting enough scribbles in some Latin textbook's margins, I might discover something deep about modernity.


"Ökologische Kommunikation: Heinrich Mendelssohns Nachlass", Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte (ZIG) 16:1 (2017): 95-106.


Rotenstreich Stipend 2017/18

Presidential Stipend 2015/16