Lital Bernat

Department of Bible

Subject: The Speech of Rabshakeh (2 Kgs 18: 19-35) – The voice of the defeated 

Supervisor: Dr. Nili Vazana

Abstract: During my bible studies, I became aware that the biblical narrative often tells its stories from the “defeated” point of view. In my opinion What most deserves examination within the narrative is how the “defeated” perspective chooses to describe its opposition, often those being the victors. I would like to focus on a literary unit that takes unique perspective on these issues – Rabshakeh’s speech (2 Kgs 18: 19-35) within the story of Sennacherib’s campaign to Judah (2 kgs 18:17-19:19). In my research I would also look to examine different questions: Who is Rabshakeh? Does his speech reflect a literary work or is it possible to find evidence that reflects an actual historical event? Is the speech able to reveal to us a connection with Assyrian propaganda and its influence? Is it possible to find within the speech evidence of beliefs and opinions prevalent at the time? and the relation between this unit to additional versions. These are only a few examples of the questions that will arise while reading and, in turn, require a full examination. I would like to examine the literary unit, expose its various sources, the language, literary means, historical context and its unique characteristics.

MA Honors 2018/19