Chanan Ariel

Chanan Ariel

The department of Hebrew Language

Subject: Studies in the Vocabulary and Syntax of The Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah)

Supervisor: Prof. Yochanan Breuer

Abstract: Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Moses Maimonides), born in Cordoba, Spain under Islamic rule (1138 CE) and later the leader of the Jewish community in Egypt and the physician of the Egyptian royal courtuntil his death (in 1204 CE), is well known for his philosophical work, The Guide to the Perplexed, and for his Halakhic work, Mishneh Torah . In the latter, Maimonides compiled all Halakhic statements in Rabbinic literature, sorting them by topics. He settled all of the disputes that remained in the Halachic literature and translated into Hebrew all the Aramaic citations from external sources . This text is a masterpiece, characterized by uniform structure and linguistic clarity.
The proposed research focuses on two major areas of language: vocabulary and syntax, and aims to discuss them systematically, comparing Mishneh Torah to Mishnaic Hebrew, on the one hand, Maimonides' declared language of choice in this text, and therefore his 'default mode', and on the other hand comparing it to Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic to account for the evident differences between the language of Mishneh Torah and Mishnaic Hebrew.

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17.    Chanan Ariel, "Why Did the Future Form of the Verb Displace the Imperative Form in the Informal Register of Modern Hebrew?", (final draft under review for publication of the papers from the Language Contact, Continuity and Change in the Emergence of Modern Hebrew conference, Jerusalem July 2016)

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Rotensreich Stipend 2015/16