Asaf Ben Haim

Asaf Ben Haim

Archaeology and Ancient Middle Eastern studies

Subject:  The Development of the Urban Layout at the South-Western Hill of Jerusalem from the Hellenistic Period to the Destruction of the City on AD70

Supervisor:  Dr. Orit Peleg-Barkat

Abstract:  I’m an archaeologist; specializing in classical periods at the levant, in architectural decoration and in the application of computational methods and 3D modeling on the study of stone decoration. In my PhD I am studying the development of the urban layout at the south-western hill of Jerusalem from the Hellenistic period to the destruction of the city in AD70.
I am a graduate of the Mandel School M.A. Research Track Honors Program and the “Late Antiquity” interdisciplinary M.A. Research Honors Program. In my masters I have studied the architectural decoration found at the fortress-palace in Herodium, its cultural influence and stone-carving methods.
I am the head of the New Hebrew University Expedition for the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem, together with Dr. Orit Peleg-Barkat and Dr. Oren Gutfeld; member of the Ehud Netzer Expedition for Herodium; member of the Hebrew University Expedition for Horvat Midras.

Year: תשפ"ב