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Courses for 2015\16

Mandatory courses



1st and/or 2nd Semester

This course will closely examine the formal elements and stylistic nuances of scholarly discourse in English. 
We will analyze prose models and participants' writing with regards to grammatical consistency, word choice, sentence and paragraph structures, 
English punctuation and rhetorial conventions. 
Participants will also have the opportunity to give a presentation in English


8900 Syllabus Research Methods in the Humanities - Prof Moshe Sluhovsky

Yearly course, equivalent to 4 HU credits

This seminar offers an overview of the major theoretical and methodological developments in the Humanities and Social Sciences over the last century.

Participants will become familiar with developments in the Humanities from the positivist approach of the 19th century through the great challenges by Marx, Freud, and Weber to the critiques of the foundations of modern human sciences in the second half of the 10th century (Deconstruction, feminist theory, post-modernism, and post-colonialism.


8910 Colloquium for Mandel School Students – Prof Israel Yuval

Intended for second year students, 2nd semester.

Participants will present initial lines of their thesis will be receiving comments, suggestions and criticism from their fellows.


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