Sivan Gottlieb

Sivan Gottlieb

Department of Art History

Subject: Illuminated Hebrew Medical Manuscripts from the Late Middle Ages

Supervisor: Prof. Sarit Shalev-Eyni

Abstract: My area of research is illuminated Hebrew manuscripts from the late medieval ages. I believe that the research of these manuscripts is a fascinating and enriching way to learn about Jewish history. My PhD research deals with illuminated Hebrew medical texts from 15th century, Italy. In my research, I would like to explore the medical history and culture that is revealed from these scientific manuscripts, the way they were used, and their connection to Latin manuscripts, and to give a deeper insight into the relationship between Jewish doctors and artist.

Bio: PhD student. Department of Art History


Gottlieb, Sivan. “‘Go and Learn’: The Ashkenazi and Italian Roots of the Sereni Haggadah." Ars Judaica (2018): 63-78.

Presidential Stipend 2016/17