Ofir Haim

Ofir Haim

Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern studies

Subject: The Early Judeo-Persian Biblical Exegesis: The Manuscripts in the British Library and in the National Library of Russia

Supervisors: Prof. Shaul Shaked, Dr. Julia Rubanovich

Abstract: My research concerns the Bible exegesis written in Judeo-Persian and is based on manuscripts datable to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. These manuscripts - most of which have remained unpublished - have many similarities and it is plausible that they all belong to the same exegetical corpus. Several of these manuscripts are clearly Karaite, since they quote the works of contemporary Karaite scholars and use Karaite terminology. In my research I will discuss the exegetical methods of these texts and examine the connections of these texts to the Karaite Bible exegesis from the ninth to eleventh centuries, which was mostly written in Judeo-Arabic.


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Presidential Stipend 2014/15