Naama Bar-Eitan Sadovsky

Naama Bar-Eitan Sadovsky

Hebrew Literature

Subject: Lateness – Poetics of Late Poetry

Supervisor: Dr. Tamar Hess

Abstract: In the dissertation I wish to examine the late poetry of Tuvia Rivner, Israel Pincas, S. Shifra, and Avot Yeshurun in light of the perspective of "late style" and old age.
"Late style" as an independent field of research that offers a multi-directional model for the examination of late works has yet to be assimilated in the research of modern Hebrew poetry. This, despite fascinating and varied developments in this field of research around the world. Studies of the artist as an old man and artistic works towards the end of life have been conducted in recent decades in various fields of art, such as music, painting, and literature, juxtaposing aesthetic research tools and psychoanalytical theories concerning the cycle of life and theories from the field of gerontology, which at the same period of time established itself as an independent scientific field of research.
In the proposed research I wish to open a more significant window upon these developments and, as I mentioned above, use the perspectives of old age and "late style" to examine the late works of the four poets. The working assumption is that this perspective can serve as a valuable interpretive tool for understanding the poetical changes in the late work of these poets and vice versa: A thorough examination of the late works of these poets and the uncovering of the inner dialectical processes that motivate stylistic changes in their work can contribute to the developing theoretical discussion in this field.

Bio: I studied for my BA and MA at Hebrew University, in the Hebrew Literature department, and also completed MA studies on the creative writing track in the Hebrew Literature department of Ben Gurion University in the Negev. In the last years I devoted myself mostly to educating and teaching in the Hebrew University Secondary School (Leyada), and in various academic institutions - in The Hebrew University, David Yellin Teacher’s College, the Academy for Music and Dance, and others. I wrote my M.A. final thesis about Tuvia Rivner's poetry, with a view to examining the existential-linguistic contradiction that is at its core. In the dissertation I deal with the poetic features of late poetry, under the guidance of Dr. Tamar Hess.


Presidential Stipend 2016/17