Israel J. Cohen

israel cohen

Department of Philosophy

Subject:  Ontological studies of the laws of halakhah and morality

Supervisor: Dr. Aaron Segal; Prof. David Enoch 

Abstract: Pre-theoretically, we attribute different degrees of moral values to different acts. This attribution of degrees has various implications for cases of deliberation, uncertainty and additional contexts.
In my research I want to give a theoretical account abuot the phenomenon of wrongness and rightness coming in degrees: the question of whether the phenomenon exists, the relation of such degrees to the binary features of rightness and wrongness, the correct metaphysical account of the phenomenon, and an investigation of a number of questions it raises in normative ethics and in Jewish legal contexts.

Bio: I am interested in metaphysics, meta-ethics, philosophy of halakhah and the connections between these fields. My research topics are the concepts of halakhic law and moral law.


President Stipend 2018/19