Halely Harel


Institute of Archaeology and The Ancient Near East

Subject:Mapping lexical borrowings from Semitic into Egyptian
An emic perspective based on classifier assignment in Egyptian texts of the New Kingdom Period

Supervisor: Prof. Orly Goldwasser

Abstract:  My doctoral research offers a macro-outlook on the distribution of Semitic loanwords in the Egyptian written repertoire of the New Kingdom. The inventory of loanwords is mapped according to an innovative emic point of view, the Egyptian classifier system. It has been substantiated in many studies in recent decades that each classifier is a semantic category head. My research offers a discussion adding new information regarding how classifiers head semantic domains and reflect the structure of the lexicon. I track the arrangement and dynamics of classifier categories co-occurring with loanwords. In selected case studies, I analyze the linguistic and cultural implications of the addition and integration of new lexicon.

Bio: I earned a BA in structural linguistics and MA in Egyptology, both at The Hebrew University, as well as a diploma in Museum Studies at Tel Aviv University. Aside to my doctoral studies, I teach an immersive course in Bohairic Coptic at Polis Institute and take part in various projects utilizing digital research tools to make the Ancient Near East more accessible to the modern reader.