Adi Livny

Adi Livny

History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry

Subject: "The Windows of This House Shall Be Open to the Four Winds of the Heavens": A Spatial History of the Hebrew University (1925-1948)
Supervisor: Prof. Yfaat Weiss
Abstract: My research is dedicated to a history of the Hebrew University before 1948, focusing on its existence as a Western agent in an Oriental environment and as an agent of nationalism in a pre-state era. While scholars and intellectuals stand at its center, the research’s concern is not with intellectual history, but rather with a history of the university as an institution, focusing on its policies and practices, rather on the knowledge it produced.
My dissertation explores, in particular, the spatial aspects of the university’s activity, focusing on different spheres: in Palestine, examining the institution’s influence on the land and people in its immediate environment; in the Middle East, examining its relations and connections with other educational institutions around the region; and within the British Empire, examining the university alongside other educational institutions under British auspices.


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