List of Courses

Courses for 2015\16

It is mandatory for each grant scholar to take one seminar during the four-year scholarship

08860 RESEARCH WORKSHOP - FIRST YEAR - Prof Manuela Consonni and Prof Ilana Pardes

1st semester

Lectures and workshops for PhD students intended to enrich the students in the program and give the participants better tools to deal with the PhD research.


08867 – The Song of Songs as Cultural Text

Prof Ilana Pardes

1st semester

The course is open to everyone, it is mandatory for all students studying Literature and Religious Studies, and recommended for those dealing in their thesis with questions of interpretation and reception.

What makes the Song of Songs such a prominent text for reflections about love in different cultural contexts? Why does it serve as a touchstone for the definition of both literal and allegorical loves? To what extent does the Song revolve around the question of the language of love and poetic epitome? The first part will be devoted to a consideration of major interpretive trends (allegorical exegesis, the literary approach, feminist criticism) and to the close readings of the Song. Part II and Part III will revolve around two exemplary modern scenes of reception: American literature and culture (from Whitman's "Song of Myself" to Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Beloved) and Israeli literature and culture (from Agnon to Daliah Ravikovitch). The discussion will also entail an exploration of adaptations of the Song in music, dance, and art.



1st and/or 2nd Semester

This course will closely examine the formal elements and stylistic nuances of scholarly discourse in English. 
We will analyze prose models and participants' writing with regards to grammatical consistency, word choice, sentence and paragraph structures, 
English punctuation and rhetorial conventions. 
Participants will also have the opportunity to give a presentation in English

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