Itamar Weinshtock-Saadon


Department of Philosophy

Topic:  Moral Realism Without Semantic Commitments

Supervisor: Prof. David Enoch

Bio I am a doctoral student at Hebrew University's Philosophy department. I completed my B.A and M.A in Philosophy at the Hebrew University. My main research interests are in meta-ethics, moral philosophy in general, and philosophy of language. Besides these key areas of interest, I am also interested in philosophy of religion, and specifically in analytic philosophy of Judaism and Halakha.

Abstract:  Moral Realism is usually thought of as a conjunction of two thesis - that there are objective moral facts and truths (metaphysical thesis), and that our moral discourse is in the business of describing this realm of moral facts and truths (semantic thesis). Although these two theses are logically independent, it is usually have been assumed that if the semantic thesis is false, moral realism's metaphysical thesis becomes unmotivated.
In my research, I am interested in the costs of this last claim for realists, as well as in developing ways to defend moral realism's metaphysical thesis without committing to its semantic thesis.



Enoch, D., & Weinshtock-Saadon, I. (forthcoming). ‘‘Oh, All the Wrongs I Could Have Performed! Or: Why Care about Morality, Robustly Realistically Understood’’. In David Copp and Paul Bloomfield (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Moral Realism.

    Presidents Scholarship 2021/22

    MA Honors 2019/20